Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Golden rules of an Amateur cycling Team

1. You should have at least 2 bikes. If NOT you should never blame the bike for skipping a ride.

2. Speed should be always higher than average speed. If NOT turn back home and try again.

3. Never wait > 5 min. If you reach late, chase, catch, do all the pulling and pay for breakfast.

4. If you are heavy, climb more. If you are skinny, increase your power. No technical loose talk.

5. Rest day is ONLY for bike not for the rider. Clean bikes, Shave legs - rest day.

6. Cross training is important but it's OK to ride easy for 2 days and ride hard for 4 days..

7. Any accessories/components for sale should be within the group first and then for others.

8. We really don't care when you sleep but when you set the alarm you should see "8 hours left"

9. 300 km/12 hours is a week's target. If you can't, then climb at least 2000 meters in a week.

10. Never give importance to Garmin, Strava, FB data and users. There is Nothing to prove.

11. Sleeping is always better than rest or recovery. It's free. Ride lots Sleep lots.

12. During the feed zone ( breakfast  ) one guy must always have his eyes on all the bikes.

If all the above 12 rules are followed for every 12 months in an year, riders have earned their KIT. Remember it's not how good you look on a bike its all about how much you can hurt those who ride with you. Keep riding...Keep Suffering