Monday, November 28, 2011

Cam rides : Part 2

CAM ride#2 : Sep 24 and 25th 2011 Sirsi – Lushington falls – Shivaganga falls - Siddapura

If you have not read please click here - PART1

Unlike the previous ride the journey was a long one as we were heading to Sirsi. This north Karnataka hill station is popular for a large number of waterfalls. We were put up at Hotel Madhuvana. Again for some personal reasons i wanted to use this ride as an oppurtunity to ride hard.

Highlights and pictures of Day#1 :

The plan was to start at Sirsi, go to Sonda and reach Shivganga falls - Quickly. Though I was the first to reach the falls, i didn't feel alone. There were lot of monkeys who greeted me and ran away. I shared my chocolates with the rider who finished second and took his dry fruits. After some time I had lunch that had come with the canter and waited for my wife. On the way back to hotel i decided to ride slow and stay with my wife for some time. It was during this time that we got down to a stream, spent some time in the water, took some snaps. After some time i started pushing myself and reached the hotel early. I had a good time talking to few others in the hotel while drinking tea. After some time my wife arrived. I was really happy to see her complete the day1 ride without getting swept by the support vehicle. Day1 ended with a quick bath and a quiet dinner.

Day#1 route map

Shivgange Falls

Lunch time
 Manohar D.C from CAM team fixing a rider's flat
 That's me
 Green Aisle

 Bright Sunny Day
Cycle Engine
 Pee Break

 Green Frog

Highlights and Pictures of Day2 :
Sirsi - Lushington Falls ( Unchalli falls ) - Siddapura

I started on time for the Day2 ride and i didn't stop for breakfast. Thanks to Mr.Vasu who offered me banana's i was able to ride hard. Both of us were together for sometime exchanging the lead position. After some time I started mashing on uphills. I desperately wanted to be the first rider to reach Lushington falls. A funny thing happened on the way. Since i was riding hard, i didn't had any other rider immediately behind me At one point i took a left and i think Mr.Vasu didn't take it. I was on the wrong route and i was going on and on and on. I couldn't find anybody. Finally i got a dead end. There was right and there was left too. I didn't know which way i should proceed further. Fortunately there was a board. But there was no reason why it was existing there. I couldn't read anything on that board.
Black Board with Black Letters

But fortunately i saw Mr.Vasu coming from the right side and i joined him to use the left road. After some time i got separated from him by riding hard and fast and reached the falls. I was at the gate and i didn't dare to go further. As i was tired i just sat on a concrete bench.

Road leading to Lushington falls
 1st to reach :-)

Finally the Lushington falls, The roaring beauty

After some time as expected Mr.Vasu arrived. We both had tea and biscuits. After some time few more riders reached the falls. On our way back i saw my wife as well as other riders. I wished all of them and left for siddapura. I started riding hard and this was a rolling terrain. Out of my previous cam ride experience i knew that 2nd day ride should be quick else i will be picked up by the support vehicle. The hot sun was out and i could feel it. Adding to it the boredom. I was riding alone constantly under the fear that some animal might cross my path.

On the way to Siddapura

Finally i reached siddapura and i was happy that i finished first. After 30 minutes Mr.Vasu arrived. After few riders the bus arrived with the rest of riders. The canters arrived with cycles too. Only 4 out of the 30+ riders were able to complete the 2nd day's ride. As usual everybody had their lunch and boarded the bus. It was fun to watch the 1992 bollywood blockbuster cycle-drama movie - Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, staring Aamir khan. It was nice to see people shouting and cheering the protagonist during the climax.