Thursday, September 29, 2011

Accidents, Deaths and Wedding Anniversaries

September 11 2011, my 7th wedding anniversary. I call it the 9/11 wedding.
The rest of the world calls it the 9/11 Catastrophe. They say that public memory is short but America's worst disaster is not something that can be easily forgotten or forgiven. The supreme powerfull Uncle SAM's belief in invulnerability was shattered when hijacker's slammed civilian aircraft's into the WTC. Rest is history.

But something else happened on 9/11 2011. I wish it would have never happened.

Basavaraj Biradar, a young and bright student pursuing his Masters in Bangalore, was also working as an intern in an MNC company. He met with a road accident. He was admitted to an hospital in unconscious state with serious head injuries. Neuro surgeons operated on his brain trying to repair the damaged tissues and blood flow. He was in COMA with a ventilator support for respiration.

He had a poor farmer father, the sole bread earner and two brothers who were still students.
Nearly 5 lakh rupees were needed to carry forward the treatment. Contributions started pouring in.Within 2 days each and everybody with their prayers and contributions ensured that sufficient funds were collected. I always get deeply moved by such gesture of care and concern from so many people. Thanks and respect to all from the bottom of my heart.

His condition improved to some extent and he was in SEMI COMA. But due to heavy medication he was suffering with low blood pressure and kidney problems. There was hope that his heart condition will stabilize.Later he suffered multiple and severe heart attack and he was no more. May his soul rest in PEACE.

I really don't want to get into the intricacies of this 9/11 accident in Bangalore.

That was an ACCIDENT. It happens. Even now as i write this somebody is jumping a signal out there. Somebody would have had a head on collision while riding and talking on his cellphone. I know its bad.I am not and will never support rash rides. But some are not in their sense. Its their living. It's all about Targets and Deadlines.Even a pizza delivery boy has to meet a deadline. Adding to it we don't have lane discipline culture.

But what really worries me is about another ACCIDENT that happened @ puppalguda on ORR Hyderabad on the same day SEP 11 2011 .pic courtesy : INDIA TODAY

Former cricketer and Indian captian Azhar's son Ayaz skids off the road and bangs his head while riding a 1000 CC high end super powerfull sports bike. Neurological tests on Ayaz confirmed brain dysfunction and his chances of survival were slim. Though prayers and wishes for a miracle continued to pour in he died of hypoxic encephalopathy, a condition where oxygen supply to the brain is not sufficient.

To ensure a smooth funeral procession Traffic restrictions were placed on all roads leading to Mecca Masjid. The grieving family got so many visitors including the chief minister of AP.

I want to get into the intricacies of this INCIDENT which i don't want to call it as ACCIDENT.

Why there is no measure to stop overspeeding on ORR ?
Why no regulations on the sale and licences of bikes that can go upto 300km/hour ?
Why should such bikes be allowed in the city when our roads are not even good for 60 km/hr?

Even in bangalore, on our own NICE road i see that drag racers bring out their so called speed toys and race.Is this is the reason why cyclists are not allowed on NICE road ? Are such roads only for the so called elite class and their son's ? If the answer is Yes Then This is not an ACCIDENT. This is a ######.  And we all know who is responsible for this.